Your “prayers not answered” means your “expectations not fulfilled.” The TAO wisdom explains why: your attachments to careers, money, relationships, and success “make” but also “break” you by creating your flawed ego-self that demands your “expectations to be fulfilled.”

Saturday, July 21, 2018

More Prepositional Words and Phrases


Blow in: visit unexpectedly
e.g. What a surprise! What blows you in ?

Blow over: end without causing harm
e.g. The Mayor expected the riot would blow over in a day or two.


Ace in(to): to be luck to be admitted into (slang).
e.g. My son aced into Harvard University.

Ace out of: to be lucky to accomplish something.
e.g. I aced out of my chemistry exam.


Hold up on someone or something: delay or postpone further action.
e.g. Hold up on the appointment; we may have a better candidate.

Hold with something: agree or tolerate something.
e.g. I don't think I can hold with your preposition.


Ease someone of something: to relieve or reduce someone of something.
e.g. The doctor eased me of my back pain.

Ease off: diminish; let up doing something.
e.g The rain has eased off; we'd better leave now.
e.g. Come on, he's just a kid. Ease off!


Ask after: ask about the health and wellbeing of someone.
e.g. My in-laws asked after you.

Ask around: request information from a number of people.
e.g. I plan to ask around to see what people think about the new mayor.

Stephen Lau     
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