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Monday, December 4, 2017

Prepositional Words and Phrases


Inform about: tell someone about someone or something.

e.g. I will inform you about your son’s academic progress from time to time.

Inform of: provide facts about.

e.g.  The lawyer will inform us of the decision of the court.

Inform on: tell the authorities of someone or something.

e.g. We must inform the police on the disappearance of the documents.

e.g. I think he was the guy who informed on you.


Run against: compete with.

e.g. I am going to run against him in the coming election.

Run away: leave; escape.

e.g. The burglar ran away before the police arrived.

Run down: hit with a vehicle; stop functioning.

e.g. The old man was run down by the bus.

e.g. My lawn mower is running down; I need to get a new one.

Run into: meet by accident

e.g. Yesterday, I ran into an old friend that I had not seen for decades.

Run over: come by for a quick visit.

e.g. Can you run over for a minute? I’ve something important to tell you.

Run out of: do not have any more of something

e.g. Hurry! We're running out of time!

e.g. He could not make the dessert because he ran out of milk and sugar.


Poke one’s nose into: pry into.

e.g. Don’t poke your nose into my affairs; it’s none of your business.

Stephen Lau     
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